Best Bad Sector Repair Tools on Windows/MAC

This page introduces ways to repair bad sectors with or without bad sector repair software on Windows computers or MAC.
Note: Pleasse backup data on your device before the bad sector scanning and repairing. It's better to copy all the drive to another disk. (IM-Magic Partition Resizer provides copy disk, scan and repair bad blocks, erase disk etc. for totally free.)

  Bad Sector Repair Software (Windows) Remark Links
1 IM-Magic Partition Resizer (Free) Super easy to use plus it's copy disk, wipe disk option that you may use in this procedure Download | Tutorial
2 USB Disk Storage Format Tool (Free) Easy to use Download | Tutorial
3 MHDD (Free) DOS window, not easy to manage Download | Tutorial
4 Victoria for Windows (Free) Old, Not easy to use Download | Tutorial
5 HDD Regenerator (NOT FREE, $59) Not free Tutorial

#1 Repair bad sectors on Windows computer without software

It's cost free to repair bad sectors on your Windows computer with it's built-in utility ERROR CHECKING that can be easily accessed if you open your storage drive in THIS PC or MY COMPUTER, and then right click, go to Properties.

Route: THIS PC(open this pc by double clicking) -> Right click your drive -> Properties -> Tools -> Check -> Repair drive

repair damaged media

Chkdsk for bad blocks repairing? Read this tutorial: how to repair bad sector with chkdsk

#2 Best free bad sector repair software

This part includes several free bad sector repair utlities together with some excellent commercial tools that you may use them for bad storage drive repairing.

#1) IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free

As a completely free bad sector repair tool, IM-Magic Partition Resizer is able to help find and repair bad blocks on your storage media no matter it's the internal hard disk partition or external hard drive, usb flash drive or memory card that you want its bad blocks get repaired.

How to use IM-Magic Partition Resizer to find and repair bad sectors? Follow these steps.

Download url:

  • Download the free utility on a Windows computer
  • Insert your external hdd or usb stick to pc if it's an external drive that you want to repair its bad blocks.
  • Open Partition Resizer, and wait it to load your disk drives
  • Right click the one that you want to check and repair in Partition Resizer, select CHECK PARTITIONformat toolrepair sd card tool
  • Confirm the repair options in the pop up window, and then start the repairing.


  1. Cost-free, Copy partition is available in the right click option which is useful since it provides free data backup
  2. Latest Windows computer OS compatible
  3. Easy to use interface
  4. Repair bad blocks efficiently

Extra Bonus: You may backup disk or partition with this free tool as well as write zero or one into every byte of your bad blocks with it's WIPE PARTITION

#2 USB Disk Storage Format Tool

This utility provides checking disk sectors that you can easily find this function on its main interface. You may get the repairing started by simply select the check disk option and then run the utility.

Check Disk: Correct errors, Scan drive, Check if dirty (Get all these options selected, and click the CHECK DISK button)

usb format tool


MHDD is a professional hard disk detection and repair tool software, which has richer and more powerful functions than other hard disk tool software.

Official download options: (iso version, floppy image, and more download options on this url)

MHDD needs to work in the DOS environment, and can access large-capacity hard disks above 137G. When MHDD is running, there is no "menu" to choose from. Its functions are implemented in the DOS environment through command input, or automatically input commands through key combinations.

Video - how to use MHDD for bad sector repairing

MHDD can directly access the hard disk interface without relying on the motherboard BIOS, but be careful not to run MHDD in the detected hard disk.

It's better to insert the disk you want to repair bad blocks as a slave disk.

Note: MHDD needs to record data during operation, so it cannot run in write-protected devices, such as write-protected floppy disks, optical disks, etc. Please make a backup before repairing the bad sectors of the hard disk.

#4 Victoria for Windows

This is an old bad sector detecting and repairing utility that you may use it for repairing your damaged hard disk drive, external hard drive etc.

Download link:

Tutorial: how to use Victoria for HDD bad sector repairing

#5 HDD Regenerator (NOT FREE)

This program is a commerical tool displayed on its official website

Some places claimed it was a free tool, probably it used to be a free tool, now it is listed as a commercial program with the price tag $59.95 to register.

Video - how to use HDD Regenerator to repair disk bad sectors

Get HDD Regenerator Free? Watch this following video

Note: We do not encourage a full version download since it may contain some hidden risks.

Our advice: Try the previous 4 free bad disk repair tools or you may buy a license of HDD Regenerator.

#3 Bad sector repair software on MAC

Usually Disk Utility provided by MAC OS is able to help repair bad blocks.

If Disk Utility failed, try the following method: repair disk using terminal on MAC.

Video - how to repair bad sector on MAC

fsck_hfs -r -d /dev/diskXsX (Replace X with your disk number)

Also read: how to repair usb bad sectors

Last updated on May 14, 2023

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