Sandisk SD Card Not Detected by Phone Fix

Why is my Sandisk Micro SD card not working on phone android? Here are the solutions.

Sandisk Micro SD card not showing up in android phone[4 fixes without computer]

When Sandisk micro sd card was not detected in your android mobile, here are some fixes you could do to make it work.

  • Use your sandisk micro sd card or minisd card on another phone to see whether it would work to determine the error from the phone or the sandisk sd card. If your memory card is working fine with another phone, then you may reset your mobile to factory settings and try it again. If your sd card cannot be recognized, try the following.
  • Format sandisk sd card in your phone to get it work (The format sd card option is provided either the format or erase sd card in your phone) | Guide: how to format sd card on mobileformat memory card
  • Unplug your Sandisk sd card from phone, and insert it again to see whether it would work since sometimes a simple unplug and reinsert would make the phone detect the memory card again.
  • If still not recognized? Pull sandisk sd card out of the phone, clean it with a swab to remove possible spots or dust, and then reinsert it again.clean sandisk memory card

The above ways are some you could try to fix sd card not recognized with your android phone without computer. There are more ways you could try to repair sd card on a computer.

Not working? Try more fixes here: how can I fix sd card not showing up in phone [7 fixes]

Repair sd card on computer using cmd? Try gudie here


Question: Why my 32gb sandisk micro sd card suddenly stopped being recognized? What happened? I did nothing.

When Sandisk memory card is not detected by mobile or computer, there is possible logical damage or physical damage on the memory card. You may fix the errors by the following methods.

Guide: how to fix sd card not detected in phone

Question: 32gb micro sdhc card is not detected by phone and unable to format in pc

sandisk sd card is suddenly not recognized or not readable, you may format it on android phone or computer, if it was unable to be formatted, you may fix it here: unable to format sd card solution

Fix SD card not showing up in android [7 ways]

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Last updated on Nov 01, 2022

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