Low Level Format SD Card - 4 Ways (Android, Camera, Windows, Mac)


How do I low level format sd card in Android mobile? Is there any low level formatting in the mobile phone when the sd card is not working? Is it able to repair the damaged memory card by low level format to make it a brand new flash memory card?

New memory card -> Do I need to get a low level format for the sd card?

The answer: No, you may just get it initialized for storage (ready to store data)

Old/Corrupted memory card can be regenerated through the process of low level formatting; however it would shorten its life span. Here are 10 ways to fix corrupted sd card that may avoid a low level formatting.

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Memory Card Low Level Format Tools - 3 Free

#1 Low level format sd card in Android phone

Here are ways to get memory card sd/microSD formatted in your mobile phone. (Not low level formatting)

  • Menu > settings > storage > erase SD card.
  • Menu>settings>sd/phone storage>unmount sd card>format

Format the sd card on android phone

Technically, the above ways are not the low level formatting sd card in android but just the ways to make the sd card work for your phone. If you need a real low level format tool for sd card, try the following ways.

#2 Low level format sd card in Camera

Settings -> Format SD Card -> Low level format (needs to be selected)

Low level Format the sd card on camera or device

#3 Low level format sd card in Windows 11/10/8/7

Low level format tools can be applied for formatting the memory card that you need to connect your memory card to Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP with a card adaptor or you may insert it to your computer if it has an sd card built-in adaptor.

HDD Low Level Format Tool (Freeware)

This program provides low-level format option for users to get their devices formatted per the requirement of low level standard. (Device would risk life span shorten damages with low level format)

hdd low level format

Download Free Now

Better option - Partition Resizer Free (Freeware)

IM-Magic Partition Resizer Free is able to get device repaired and erased completely without any harm through its "Check Partition" and 'Wipe Partition', which could do almost safe low level format per users' need.

Download Partition Resizer

Step 1 - Download and install the program on Windows computer, connect your device to computer, open the freeware

Step 2 - Right click your memory card that shows in the software -> Wipe Partition to get it low level formatted without any risk.

disk format

Step 3 - Choose a low level formatting method

disk format

Another option - MFormat (A low level format that is operated in DOS)

MFormat is a dos based low level format that is an option for advanced users.

MFormat information https://www.gnu.org/software/mtools/manual/html_node/mformat.html

Video - how to use Mformat

#4 - Low Level Format SD Card Mac

Is there any low level format tool on mac? How to get an sd card low level formatted on MAC os?

The fact: you don't have to do the low level formatting on MAC since the erase function provided by Disk Utility is what you want for getting sd card formatted on MAC.

Open Disk Utility

Also read: how to format sd card fat32 on MAC, or how to force format sd card on mac

Low level format sd card recovery

The Question: How do I recover low level formatted sd card?

If you have accidentally low level formatted sd card, or any memory card, it's likely to unformat the sd card if the format is a regular formatting by restoring the sd card data.

Download Unformat Tool

recover formatted sd cardRecover formatted sd card with iCare Pro

If this unformat program cannot find your sd card data, it's likely that your sd card has been low level formatted that cannot be restored by any third party tools.

Solution: you need to turn to a local data recovery service center for manual recovery.

Other frequent asked questions

???Erase SD Card VS Format SD Card VS Low Lelvel Format SD Card in Android

Is format sd card the same as erase sd card in android mobile phone? Is there any low level format sd card in android mobile?

Answer -> The erase sd card option is the same as to format it provided by the android mobile and there is no low level format option in android phone.

Solution -> You may get the sd card formatter with Windows computer which provides more format options and format tools for memory card.

???How to perform low level format of Sandisk 32gb SD card

Answer -> Get Sandisk sd card low level formatted on a Windows computer and mac computer with format tools.

???How do I low level format my microSD card for Android mobile

Answer -> If it's the new bought memory card, you may get it ready for use by initialzing it in your device that would make the memory card compatible with the device. If it's an old memory card, you may get it formatted by the above ways.

???Can I low level format read-only micro SD card that cannot be formatted

Answer -> Here are 5 free ways to fix unable to format sd card problem, or you may read how to format write protected sd card.

Last updated on May 14, 2023

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